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The aviation industry is a dynamic one whereby transformation is an integral and ongoing process. We are experiencing turbulence within the industry but clear skies are ahead and global player perceptions are that passenger traffic volumes will almost triple by the year 2028.

During times where constraints are placed on expenditure and pressure increases to optimize revenues, the need for qualitative and cost effective Aviation Training and education becomes more and more apparent.

Aviation Personnel pro-actively addresses the present and future needs of the aviation arena by providing a consolidated pool of aviation and academic resources and services to both combat the current uncertainty, and to cater for the inevitable future demands of the industry.

Our innovative solution for handling stranded passenger scenarios at airports is unqiue to the aviation industry and currently deployed at Zürich airport. We look forward to your enquiries in this respect … read more

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The first innovative “Stranded Passenger Solution” for airports developed by Aviation Personnel Switzerland.

The tool is currently deployed at Zürich Airport effective August 2015.

View the Stranded Passenger Solution section for further details.

The Unique ABPep Program from Aviation Personnel Switzerland.

Please visit the ABPep Program section for details.