About Us

The aviation industry still ranks as one of the glamour professions high on the list of career choice. Young people entered either through apprentice schemes or started within the lower ranks as a junior, working their way up to middle management positions by way of the quality-training infrastructure within the airline. In many cases, the latter has long since disappeared.

Our core product, the ABPep «Aviation Business Process educational program», provides the platform from which newcomers can launch their careers by providing them with a comprehensive insight into the aviation business processes.

For the incumbent professionals, the ABPep provides an extensive cross departmental awareness training that enhances service delivery standards and inevitably impacts profitability due to more effective decision making based on knowledge and understanding of the end-to-end business processes.

Based in Zurich Switzerland, the ABPep  founder and principle instructor, Mr. Robin Simons has a wealth of experience in the aviation industry.

aboutus_robinEarly 1976 he joined British Airways as a passenger reservations agent and transitioned into the overseas management circuit of the airline in 1988. Robin has held various management positions with a number of Airlines, Aviation IT providers and Handling Agents in a career spanning in excess of 40 years.

Since 1999 Robin has been lecturing on the subject of Aviation Business Processes at the Swiss School for Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) Switzerland. The University of Applied Sciences, Bsc Tourism Management (HTW), Chur, Switzerland. The University of Applied Sciences, Bsc Aviation Management (ZHAW), Winterthur, Switzerland and IATA. We would be pleased to provide you with a copy of Robin’s curriculum vitae on request.

Following five years of successful deliveries to Swiss International Airlines, they adopted the ABPep program as an «in-house» educational tool for their staff effective July 2011. Commencing March 2015, SR Technics have commissioned the ABPep program for both their staff and customer base worldwide.

Given his long standing affiliation with the AOC, extensive aviation process knowledge and web design competence, Robin was commissioned by the AOC in February 2015 to develop a cost effective Stranded Passenger Solution for Zürich Airport. Project work started in March and the system was fully deployed in August 2015. Zürich is the first airport worldwide to benefit from this innovative platform. Please see our “Stranded Passenger Solution” section for further details.