Why elect for the ABPep Program?

40 years in the industry and, I personally, never stop learning!

The aviation arena evolves on a daily basis … but we should never lose sight of the core principles and objectives.

The world of training and education finds itself challenged to address and meet the present and future demand for superior educational programs for new entrants and managers in the aviation industry.

Sadly, training and education within the aviation arena has, out of necessity, taken a back seat in terms of priority due to the recent economic downturn and the associated inevitable emphasis on cost saving. Apprenticeship schemes, once flourishing and an integral part of aviation life, have long been abandoned by many airlines and in many cases, training centres have been closed.

The ABPep educational program has been designed to fill this void by providing a comprehensive overview of the end-to-end business processes and subsequently build the bridges between the now accepted “Silo’s” of expertise within our industry. Due to the diverse content and extensive coverage that the program provides, it is suited to a wide cross section of staff working within aviation. Those who are engaged in sales, finance and planning roles acquire a unique perspective into the operational aspect and visa-versa.

For front line operations personnel the prime objective of the ABPep is to instil a peripheral “Airport Managers” mindset into each and every staff and to provide them with a unique awareness of the importance of maintaining a vital balanced scorecard when dealing with aviation disruptions, namely:

Operational Integrity vs Commercial Viability
while simultaneously maintaining the highest possible levels of
Customer Service.

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