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We find ourselves in an extremely competitive environment. Inevitably the only difference between airlines and handling agents nowadays, is the overall level of service excellence we offer to our customers and the manner in which we handle disruptions. After all passengers do not complain when everything is running to schedule but are quick to react and indeed judge the service provider of their choice when things don’t go quite according to plan.

We have the opportunity to capitalise on our customer’s unfortunate dilemma during disruption by delivering exemplary customer service and subsequently emphasise your organisations professionalism and quality. Your front line staff’s knowledge and understanding of the end-to-end business processes not only facilitates effective decision making, which inevitably has an impact on profitability, but also provides for enhanced levels of customer service necessary to ensure that the positive “word of mouth” syndrome works in your favour.

The ABPep program duration is 3 Days (Including Certification) and comprises:

  • The airlines cost structure
  • Codeshare
  • Hubs
  • Traffic Rights
  • Freedoms of the Air
  • Industry Trends and Performance
  • Alliances
  • CRM
  • The role of ICAO & IATA
  • The Phonetic Alphabet
  • The Aerodrome
  • The Handling Agent
  • Cargo
  • Check-in: The process
  • IATCI/FLY/Inads/deportees/Um’s/
    Yp’s/special pax
  • Departure process
  • Lost & Found
  • Operational weight limitations
  • Theory of Load Control
    «with exercise A330-200»
  • Operational Messages
  • Crew briefing & Flight Planning
  • Meteorology
  • Rules of Flight / ATC
  • The Instrument Landing System – ILS
  • The AOC
  • The Passenger Airline Business process
  • Network Management Business process
  • CRS / GDS explained
  • Booking & Distribution Business process
  • Revenue Management
  • The Departure Control System – DCS
  • The Air Transport IT Environment
  • SITA Airline IT Trends Survey
  • Systems of the Future
  • E-Commerce
  • Role of the airport representative
  • Liabilities
  • Significant Crisis Handling «Opportunity to win customers»
  • Diversion exercise «coordination skills»
  • Major crisis management «Emergency procedures»
  • The Montreal Convention
  • Accident Investigation
  • Guidelines for crisis management
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