Program Goals

From each and every disruption scenario we have the opportunity to win new customers through service excellence

The concept of the ABPep program for professionals is to broaden the outlook of front-line personnel by providing them with a detailed overview of the end-to-end business process.

The typical silo structure in today’s aviation environment provides for great depth of knowledge within the relevant functional departments however often a lack of cross- functional knowledge and understanding.

silos_lge1silos_lge2The ABPep program provides a comprehensive cross departmental awareness education which facilitates timely and appropriate distribution of information throughout the organisation similar to that provided by perfectly integrated IT systems.

The modules have been purposely designed to enhance service delivery standards and inevitably impact profitability within your organisation through effective decision making.

Goals …The Participants:

  • To acquire an overall aviation business process overview.
  • To step out of the participants “Silo” of expertise and appreciate what is going on around them and to understand the impact of individual decisions further along the business process chain.
  • Smoother work-flow and improved internal collaboration levels.
  • Enhanced levels of customer service and quality standards.
  • Overall impact on profitability as a result of effective decision making.
  • Enhancement of leadership and decision making competence.
  • Disruption handling techniques.

The ultimate goal is to attain a workforce with the proverbial “Airport Managers Mindset” ensuring that the wisest decisions are made autonomously while considering all of the principle core facets of aviation operations, namely; Operational Integrity balanced with the Commercial aspect and probably the most important of all in today’s highly competitive environment … Customer Service.