The program concept is to build upon, and indeed enhance the well established aviation business processes. Read what industry professionals, aviation related companies and newcomers to the industry have to say about the Program:

“First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of joining the ABPep – it has been an extremely worthwhile experience.

The ABPep has given me an in depth insight into the areas that were unfamiliar to me before. Despite almost 15 years trade experience, there are certain things that were completely new to me and have given me a greater understanding of the different business processes within the aviation industry.

The ABPep has taken me out of the isolation of Sales and Marketing and without having to be an expert on all areas, it has provided a platform for identifying and prioritizing the crucial areas in decision making.”

Pascale Axtell
Manager Switzerland
South African Airways

“Altogether I did enjoy the time in the program a lot. Although I have learned lots about aviation during my international airline professional apprenticeship, I got to know more new information than I expected. Your program gives a brilliant overview about the highly specialized silos within the airline industry.

You are a friendly presenter; you know how to mix theoretical knowledge, practical experience and everyday stories. In addition the seminar was set up very professionally.”

Anne Pohl
Project Manager, Lufthansa School of Business
Deutsche Lufthansa AG

“Thank you again for this very interesting, and in many ways eye-opening, training.

From a country commercial manager point of view, your course offers an excellent opportunity to have a deeper view of the operational side of an airline, which helps indeed to understand better various decisions which have to been taken on a daily basis.

I think your program is an excellent offer especially for management staff, coming from other industries, but also for management staff in various departments (including Pilots), who should and must have the overview of the overall processes of an airline to be able to make faster and better decisions in relation to operational integrity, commercial viability and best possible customer service.”

Beat Obrist
Country Commercial Manager Switzerland
Malév Hungarian Airlines

“The program is very well structured and the quality of information is excellent and really up to date. Broad variety of topics addressed at an adequate in depth level. Fun and interesting at the same time.

1. Airline Perspective:
Nice and accurate stats which are very up to date, good structure and a high level of detailed information.

2. Information Technology
Very compact, again well investigated and structured. Excellent level of information.

3. Ground & Flight OPS
One of the most interesting chapters as this is really going into the fascinating world of flying. The Load sheet exercise is absolutely top!

4. Leadership & Organisation
Interesting part is the Montreal Convention comparison with Warsaw and of course the diversion exercise. The crisis and emergency module was very interesting especially for people who have never worked with it.

Overall I really liked the training a lot and would like to congratulate for the big efforts you have made in putting this all together, for the good structure, broad variety of information and your excellent job as trainer. Well done.”

Ivar Businger
Controller and HR Manager, Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia
KLM – Northwest Airlines

“I perceived the ABPep Program to be a great tool to help understand the whole process of an airline from A to Z. When I first heard about the initial exam I was rather sure that I could achieve high marks, however while doing the test I realized where my strengths were and where not. Even though I may not be able to reuse all I learned, I at least had the confirmation that what I knew is correct and learned how this knowledge would fit into other areas within an Airline Process.

I have had most recent situations, where I could reuse some of the learned and I am proud that I understand the interactions.

I can only suggest that any person involved in the airline/airport business should take such course, since it will broaden the parties horizon and allow the party to not only see a situation as a “stand alone element” but to see it as one element within many.

– My sales strength has gained a boost after this course.”

Ralf Herzog
Account Executive,
Lufthansa Systems

“The set-up of the program was well done and is clearly outlined in the different modules 1 through 4.

I appreciated the degree of interactivity between you as a teacher and us the participants. As an ex-trainer I know that this is very important since you learn more effectively/efficiently and better remember the content when you actively take part. This was in particular true in the diversion exercise and the weight and balance calculations we handled.

Since my background is more from flight operations, I enjoyed the focus Leadership & Organisation as well as Outlook and Trends. I have in particular learned a lot regarding the process view a passenger follows from DCS through Check-in and Gate which helps a lot to understand customer’s demands for systems in these areas.

It was also very helpful to gain an idea where you stand in terms of knowledge by doing the tests in the beginning and after the course. I think that it is not too important to get a “high score” (even though everybody wants to be the best) but to see from the entrance test where you are and where one has much room for improvement and to later see whether the course has helped to fill the appropriate gaps – in my case it did for sure.

Thank you very much again and I am sure that I will profit from what I learned during the week.”

Stefan Nentwig
Vice President, Key Account Management,
Lufthansa Systems

“Thank you very much for giving me the chance to participate and evaluate your “Aviation Business Process” program in March 2006. The chosen content was from my opinion consistent, up to date and covered all relevant parts of the presented end-to-end business processes. It provides the participants with the information needed to understand the relevant processes in the various “silos” in aviation and therefore enables them to optimize decisions in their daily environment.

As a staff in the operational process I was able to gain insight into the IT driven side of sales, finance and planning in aviation. The two exercises with the loadsheet and the diversion were perfect examples to show critical aspects in the daily operation of an airline.

The additional possibility to exchange and discuss experience with other course participants rounds the program up and I’m sure the program will have its fix place in professional aviation education.”

Cptn. Roland Steiner
Head of Aviation Studies (BBA Aviation Management),
University of Zürich, Winterthur, Switzerland

“I really enjoyed your training and I learned really a lot. The structure of the training was well defined so that everybody, even me, could follow without any problems. The documents that you gave to us were helpful in the course and I think I will often look into it to refer to the one or the other subject.

What impressed me the most was the large background and the experience you have. During my apprenticeship and while attending university, it was frustrating and a nightmare to see that some of the lecturers didn’t really know about what they were talking about. They learned something in theory but they had never have done it in practice. So I really liked the fact, that you were able to tell us a story to almost every module and that you could answer almost every question.”

Tanja Huttinger
Business System & IT Project Manager,
Swiss International Airlines

“The program enabled me to further cement my knowledge of the industry and to understand how all the pieces of the “commercial aviation jigsaw puzzle” fit together. It was also highly interesting to chat to two pilots and an engineer in more informal circumstances.

As regards the course itself, I particularly enjoyed the group work, namely the load control and diversion exercise, with the latter summarising the previous three days excellently. The chronology of the modules made absolute sense and, when I reflect on it, an immense amount of information was transferred in a short space of time. I feel I learnt a lot, but I guess the final exam will prove whether I am correct or not!”

Marcel Fok
V.P Underwriter Aviation,
Swiss Reinsurance Company

“I congratulate you for this well prepared program. Your experienced and enthusiastic moderation and presentation was very motivating. The course material gives an overview of the latest standards in aviation processes. This program is interesting for every front line operations personnel. It provides an awareness of the importance in dealing with aviation disruptions. The program gives a good overview of the various processes. It also provides a basic knowledge of the operational environment.

For me it was a good refresher of my existing knowledge and in some areas encouraged me to develop my knowledge in a deeper sense.

The ABPep program raised my overall knowledge level.”

Cptn. Marco Müller
Fleet Chief Airbus,
Swiss International Airlines

“The program left a great impression! As I worked in some of the departments we talked about, it was very interesting to see the impact that one can have on another. The course was at a high level and very professional.

It was also interesting to see the knowledge level I had on the first day compared to the end. I learnt a lot in the 5 days.”

Andrea Nar
Crew planning cockpit A340/A330,
Swiss International Airlines

“I enjoyed the program very much. It gave me the opportunity to get out of my “flight crew point of view” and learn more about other important aviation business processes. The overall picture of the industry became more complete to me.

I liked the relaxed atmosphere and the sharing of knowledge and experience among the participants, being aviation specialists from different fields. The content was presented in a good mix of PowerPoint slides, videos and practical exercises. The schedule allowed enough spare time to keep on track with the small daily business.

The handout is a good summary to review the course again. Thanks again for this interesting and fruitful training program!”

Cptn. Ernst Rahm
Chief Flight Instructor SAAB 2000,
Swiss International Airlines

“The program was extremely well prepared and delivered with accurate and factual information.

The course material conforms to the latest standards and the superior teaching competence and methodology conveyed extremely complex material in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere while achieving a balance between the diverse knowledge levels of the participants.

The comprehensive knowledge gained in all areas of the aviation business will enable every manager to visibly enhance the organizations profitability through quicker and more effective decision making. The program provides maximum benefit at minimal cost with an identifiable return on investment. It would be most beneficial for middle to senior managers and those involved at the front line.

I thank Aviation Personnel for this unique and qualitative aviation business process program which I can highly recommend.”

Cptn. Peter Koch
Chief Executive Officer
Swiss PrivateAviation Ltd.

“An excellent overview of subjects involved in aviation, a bit of everything which encouraged me to learn more. The presentation was perfect with a very good mixture of dialogue, video and active participation.

Excellent tips for handling disruptions in the Leadership & Organisation module. The number and duration of breaks combined with daily material review to facilitate easy learning was also perfect.

Thank you for an interesting and unique Aviation Business Process overview.”

Eva Dullinger
Commercial Training, Trainer Aircraft Handling
Austrian Airlines

“I enjoyed the 5 days of “aviation information” very much and it has helped me to gain a bigger picture of the processes.

As I previously worked in the highly specialized Air Traffic Control environment, my knowledge about revenue management, load control, check-in and IT solutions was very modest.

The ABPep program has helped a great deal to raise my overall knowledge level.”

Karin Koenig
General Aviation Service Center
Zürich Airport AG

“I received a very comprehensive insight into today’s aviation environment. I was impressed how the statistics gathered showed the industries developments and its respective chances and risks. The IT module basically showed me, how important integrated IT-solutions in every field of aviation are and that future IT-developments and implementation within the industry will highly influence customer service and profitability. Interesting to know is that the amount of money invested is not the major key to success.

In general I would say that for me the ABPep training was a good refresher and I could update my knowledge. It was interesting to learn which things have undergone major developments and changes and which are still valid. The program gives a good overview of the various processes, a basic pre-knowledge of the aviation industry is of advantage as the pace during the training is quite fast.

Your broad knowledge of the industry is impressive!”

Stefan Wermelinger
Duty Manager Airport Steering
Zürich Airport AG

“Not only the fact that one can profit from the extensive knowledge of the instructor, the program encourages individual participants to demonstrate and share their experiences, an aspect of the program that should not be underestimated.

The course will change the attitude and appreciation toward everybody who’s involved or working within the aviation business.”

Rémy Brunner
Head Airport Manager, Zürich Airport Authority
Zürich Airport AG

“I was impressed with the Power Point presentation style as well as the accompanying and comprehensive course notes. I was pleased to see that all areas of the industry were covered.

I would recommend the program for middle management staff that are either new in their positions or have only worked in a single department.”

Barbara Reding
Operations Manager Passenger Service
Jet Aviation Handling, Zürich Airport

“Having dealt with various aviation role players during the past 15 years, only now do I have a better appreciation of service expectations in understanding their roles a lot better, and that thanks to the ABPep, and your expert and extensive knowledge!

It is also my belief that the main differentiator within the highly competitive aviation environment, is better service delivery, which can only be achieved through having better informed personnel.

There is no other source that I know of, that can give professionals such an excellent overview, and that within 5 working days! I have no doubt that this course will be the benchmark for managers who search for the vital competitive edge by being more informed and that it will grow from strength to strength.

Keep up the good work and as mentioned, it’s a small (informed) community, untill we meet again…”

Sias Möller
SR Technics
Zürich International Airport

“I have enjoyed the ABPep program quite a lot as it rounds up my personal knowledge in several assets of the aviation industry. I think it would be good for our staff who are involved in the handling business to attend it by going though some modules (e.g. Ops and Leadership) starting from a certain level (Lead agent, Supervisor, CCM).

I have also enjoyed going through all the modules of the ABPep and I am having great pleasure to see how they all interface with each other, just as the aviation business itself.”

Mirko Capadanno
Duty Manager
Jet Aviation Handling, Zürich Airport

“This program considerably broadened my perspective and I am sure this will increase my efficiency in my own field. Furthermore, this course will enable me to offer a high quality service and will give me confidence in my daily work.

The program is perfectly presented and delivered. The accuracy of the information offered is the maximum and the way all this is delivered to us was perfect. I had the feeling that I was in good hands throughout the week.

What a perfect way of training. Just impressive and simply perfect!”

Cedric Antonioli
Supervisor Lost and Found
Jet Aviation Handling, Geneva Airport

“First let me thank you indeed for a superb Airline/Aviation Overall Insight I could gain and refresh my experience gathered in this field over more than 40 years.

Anyone working in this fascinating airline / aviation business is fortunate if he/she gets the opportunity to attend this program, the investment of 5 days is minimal and gives great return immediately for the future work with better decision-making, better service quality, improved ability to enhance processes, livid leadership and customer service mindset.

It is really an impressive overall course.”

Hans Eisele
Independent Consultant
Former Swissair C.I.O and President of Atraxis

“The training was more than worthwhile for a reasonable cost. As a “Green” I am glad to have followed this program which gives me a good overall view of the aviation business processes and the important role of IT as a tool to manage these processes. The sphere was very stimulating and I also got a good impression of some of the specific processes like loading an aircraft and producing the load sheet.

Presentation, communication and content were excellent and I got a good overview of the aviation business and the many aspects and problems involved with solutions and guidelines to avoid problems and what to look for.

Imro Fong Poen
C.E.O Designate
Surinam Airways

“We received a broad overview over the processes at the airport with a focus on the processes at the front. This was very interesting and useful as the financial figures we are working with, are a mirror of these processes. The two case studies were a good choice and we could identify ourselves with the situation.

The course structure made sense and the presentation was really comprehensible and easy to follow. We found the program to be beneficial. We think you and your associate partners are very well experienced and put your heart and soul in it. That is what our industry needs!

Thanks a lot for having been able to be part of your program!”

Martin Naef & Heiko Ortlieb
Revenue Management
Swiss International Airlines

“A customized ABPep program was delivered to more than 400 EDS employees at our European aviation headquarters in Switzerland.

The subject matter was extremely informative, well presented in a lucid power point format and highly rated by those in attendance. As one of the worlds leading providers of IT systems to the aviation industry, EDS are continuously seeking opportunities to enhance our knowledge of the client’s business processes.

The ABPep program certainly provided us with a comprehensive overview and understanding of the processes behind the business.”

EDS, Electronic Data Systems (Aviation)
EMEA Headquarters, Zürich
Customized Program

“Among the global leaders in Telecommunications and Network management, Cisco System’s quest for knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs and expectations is paramount.

The tailored aviation business process program provided by Aviation Personnel enabled us to build on our relevant industry and market knowledge by providing our front line representatives with the business process know-how to achieve this goal.”

CISCO Systems
EMEA Headquarters, Frankfurt
Customized Program