Target Groups

The program suits a wide cross-section of aviation professionals.

Current feedback from IT and Engineering sectors indicates that, due to their specialization within these areas, their general knowledge of the aviation business processes, up to now, has been on a need-to-know basis.

Notwithstanding, staff who have spent many years in a specific job function could feasibly  become “blinkered” due to the daily routine and lose sight of the companies objectives and  associated end-to-end aviation business processes.

These segments could most benefit from the ABPep program:

    • Staff in positions involving direct customer contact.
    • Staff who have regular inter-departmental contact.
    • Staff in Supervisory/Management positions.
    • Industry professionals who have spent more than 5 years within a single department.
    • Pilots, Cabin Crews and Engineering departments.
    • Information Technology, Finance and Legal Staff.
    • Relative newcomers (< two years aviation related experience).

A testimonial received from the V.P Engineering from Swiss International Airlines highlights the internal cooperation element:

“The importance of such a course for all my managers and VP colleagues became obvious to me during my unplanned emergency “exercise” yesterday. Without participating on your course I would have been able to follow the status briefings with all the different Airline and Airport Departments only partially and the conclusions would not have been as accurate on the technical side as they have been in the end”.

Upon completion of the ABPep program, individuals will acquire a unique awareness of the importance of maintaining a vital balanced scorecard when dealing with aviation disruptions.

Operational Integrity vs Commercial Viability
while maintaining the highest possible levels of
Customer Service.

«« The customer always has the choice …… Let‘s help them make it! »»