Stranded Passenger Project Implementation

This section of the website is being constantly updated to reflect the latest developments in this area. Please ensure to check back at regular intervals for the latest status.

Aviation Personnel Switzerland has developed a cost effective “Stranded Passenger Solution” for the aviation industry.

Following recent significant disruption scenarios at both Zürich and Geneva Airports, Aviation Personnel were commissioned to improve communications between airport partners and hotels, on a common platform, and to the ultimate benefit of the passengers.

Robin Simons has been an active member of the Zürich Airport Airline Operators Committee (AOC) for more than 25 years. Given his extensive experience as both an aviation process specialist and web designer, a request from the AOC was forthcoming to investigate the possibility of a web based solution for Zürich Airport. A potential project concept and design was introduced to the Zürich AOC members during their March 2015 meeting. The decision was taken to proceed and a working group comprising the following representatives was formed.

  • All handling agents at Zürich Airport.
  • Airport Managers from the A380 operators (EK and SQ).
  • 4 local transport companies.
  • Hotel representation in the form of the chairman of the “Zürich Chain of Hotels” group.
  • Delegates from the Zürich Airport Authority
  • AOC chairman

Having defined and communicated all underlying processes to ensure maximum system performance, the project was unanimously approved by the AOC in July 2015 and implemented in August.

While the system was originally intended to be used for emergencies only it is currently being used to handle all daily irregularities where hotel accommodation is required. With more than 40 hotels participating, our handling agents and airlines are provided with a “Real-Time” overview of availability and pricing which is updated by our hotel partners twice daily at 08:00 and 17:00.

As per the defined process, hotels respond to the handling agent generated Email booking via the system, ensuring to copy the airline concerned. This provides transparency for each airline manager in terms of passenger location and cost tranparency.

The USP of the platform is that there is no “Business Entity” involved, hence, no costly commissions to be paid by hotels which encourages them to join the project. The Stranded Passengers Database is incorporated into the AOC website granting varying levels of access to specified users.

Airlines, Handling Agents, Hotels and Transport Companies have unique access to their specific areas which facilitates effective communications during major disruptions.

We invite you to browse through the solution via the “Demo Website“.