Demo Website

Our fully functional demonstration AOC website, incorporating the Stranded Passenger Solution, is now available.

Demo Website Access Opens in a new TAB in your browser.

To access the various functional areas of the website you may enter the following user credentials:

  • AOC Member (Full access)
    Username: aocmember
    Password: aocdemo2016
  • Handling Agent (Limited access)
    Username: aocdemo_handling
    Password: aocdemo2016
  • Hotel (Limited access)
    Username: aocdemo_hilton
    Password: aocdemo2016
  • Transport (Limited access)
    Username: aocdemo_trans_ciaw
    Password: aocdemo2016

The Stranded Passsenger Solution is based on the popular WordPress CMS (Content Management System) which facilitates easy administration given a brief operating instruction.

Should you be genuinly interested in the solution and wish to delve a little deeper into the back-end then please let us know and we would be happy to provide you with access credentials to the Administration area.

Please address any questions or comments to:

Robin Simons
Stranded Passenger Solution, System Development
Tel: +66 (0) 86 363 4977
Skype: avpers1
LINE: avpers1