Role : Handling Agent

During significant disruption scenarios, the handling agent generates the RED ALERT Email on behalf of the affected airline. This prompts the immediate update of both hotel room availability and pricing and transport capacity. A comprehensive overview is available to the handling agent within a matter of minutes.

The handling agent will initially call the hotel (direct telephone number list is provided within the system) to ensure that the booking has been made within the hotels in-house reservations system. Thereafter all correspondence takes place within the Stranded Passenger Tool (SPT).

A follow up booking will be made via the SPT, including the optional fields for the provision of lunch or dinner and the amount that the airline has stipulated per passenger/class. The hotel will respond with their written confirmation via the SPT ensuring to copy the affected airline. This provides for both organizational and financial transparency for the airline management.

The handling agent will thereafter confirm the total number of final rooms required via the SPT.

Download the Stranded Passenger Checklist for Handling Agents. (opens in a new-tab)